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2022 Team Fees


Registration Fees

The registration fee for each team consists of NEYSA League fees and a premium for accident insurance. The registration and forfeit fees shall be paid in full at the scheduled 2022 Rules meeting for your age group.  Any team not paid in full by the Roster meeting will not receive their schedule and will forfeit all games until paid in full. See below table for fees for each age group.


Team Registration Fees

Age Group

Team Fee

Forfeit Fee

8 & under



10& under



12 & under



14 & Under




NOTE: Forfeit fee is per team. Please issue a separate check for this fee. The check will be held and returned at the end of the season if it has not been used.


Umpire Fees



10 & under


12 & under


14 & under






All umpires shall be paid in full prior to the start of each game. Fees are per team, per game and in cash only.

NOTE: In the case of a forfeit, the forfeiting team is responsible for the entire payment to the umpire(s). Forefeit fee payment or payment arrangements must be made to the Softball Administrator prior to the next scheduled game. If payment is not received the Forfeit Fee will be used.


Player Passes

Player passes (Picture ID's) issued are valid for two (2) seasons and cost $10 each. Passes issued from the previous season are still valid but must be updated for the current season. Any player requiring a new pass must furnish one of the following:

  • birth certificate
  • baptismal certificate
  • expired NEYSA player pass

A player needs to be present to obtain a new player pass.

See Important Dates page for dates/times for taking Picture ID's at Greenleaf Community Center.






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